Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sing Me A Song

I listened to some Over The Rhine this evening, reflecting on all the amazing conversations I have been a part of this weekend...

...with Lisa, Holly, talking about things we'd hope people would say about us;

...with Stephen and Koryn, talking about a life of thought-out living and involvement in this world;

...with Ben and Chara, about having kids and how scary that is, and how we place so much on them to change our world;

...with Drew and Nancy about how I think Christianity (as an empire and as we know it now) is quite possible the greatest threat to any culture in the world;

...and with others about so many things...

Anyway, the song "Changes Come" just seemed to sum it all up this evening. God, hearing it tonight made nearly cry.

Changes Come

Changes come
Turn my world around

I have my father's hand
I have my mother's tongue
I look for redemption in everyone

I wanna wear your ring
I have a song to sing
It ain't over babe
In fact it's just begun

Changes come
Turn my world around
Changes come
Bring the whole thing down

I wanna have our baby
Somedays I think that maybe
This ol' world's too fucked up
For any firstborn son

There is all this untouched beauty
The light the dark both running through me
Is there still redemption for anyone

Jesus come
Turn the world around
Lay my burden down
Turn this world around
Bring the whole thing down
Bring it down

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