Sunday, May 21, 2006

Muchas Peliculas

So, after Europe, I was hungry for movies. I hadn't seen a film in so long. Late winter and early spring generally yield very few movies that I'm interested in. Either way, I wanted to see some flicks whence we got back.

First we saw Mission Impossible 3. What was I thinking? Lisa asked. Well, I was thinking that JJ Abrams directed it and Felicity was in it, so what could be bad about that? It was okay. Holly couldn't take the action and left an hour into it. I finished it off. Am I getting too old to appreciate action flicks? Hmm.

Friday, Holly and I stopped in for an afternoon showing of The DaVinci Code. Okay, so I read the book and really enjoyed it...but I was bored by the movie. Holly enjoyed it, but I thought Hanks seemed tired and there were so many holes that it just lacked for me. On the way out of the theatre, we saw some picketters. That makes me sad. Really sad. Signs saying things like I love Jesus Christ. I reject The DaVinci Code. Why do they feel so defensive? I wonder if they read the book. It asks such good questions...and of course, some silly ones perhaps. Anyways...

Today I went with my buddy Sean to see The Celestine Prophecy at La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas. Interesting, indie flic. It seemed a little underfunded, but the philosophy behind the movie I vibed with. The idea that when humanity finally comes to a place of realizing its place in the story of creation, it can then evolve.

Tomorrow officially starts my work week here in San Diego. We're in San Diego until Thursday and then we head back up to the Bay for another ultrasound on Friday. Okay, here goes.


Chris Marlow said...

wow, how sad...i mean, do we really think holding up a sign is going to compell folks to seek to understand the gospel?

and what really sucks, is somehow folks lump me into that type of crowd. LAME.

Ok, I shall stop ranting, hope all is well & congrats on having a boy. That so cool. Of course, I would not know, because I have two girls :)


Lora said...

Here's my review of The DaVinci Code movie:

My message to the picket-ers:
"it's a freakin' MOVIE!"