Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Peace On Earth

This is a little video I put together using Dan Dixon's haunting rendition of Silent Night. May the birth of the Savior bring about Peace by us following in his Way.

Don't despair. Do something.

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gcunningham said...


I didn't realize you guys landed in San Fran, welcome to the Northern Half of the craziest place on earth. Congratulations to you and Holly for your first born son, Paxton. He will bless you....and torment you (whoops, did I say that out loud).?>> My girls are 5 and 2 now and when I look at them I know there is God, and I know there is hope and I feel the huge weight of responsability for teaching them "in the ways they should go".

I didn't want to use this blog to catch up but just wanted to say hi and will look forward to seeing you guys soon. I tripped out when I saw that Daly came to see you. Moises and I have become friends over the last 4 years and I pray for all them often.

Great vid, the song is enchanting. Are you still doing recording work? I'd like to talk about it this is getting long.

Be well, look forward to seeing you guys again in the near future.