Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nuestro Jardin

I'm a bit rusty on mi español, but I think that means OUR GARDEN.

So, I know we posted a while back that we were starting a garden. It's been a nice project to have. Dan and Bethany helped us plant seeds months back. Some things took; some didn't. Our yellow squash and zucchini have done amazing. Producing like crazy! Our cucumber plant is just starting to grow fruit. Our tomatoes and peppers are slowly, but surely coming around...I think slowly due to the lack of sunshine.

But man, our plum tree is producing like mad. Last summer, I remember getting perhaps a couple dozen good plums from the tree. This year, so far, we've picked more than 4-5 dozen good sugar plums. Yum. And there are plenty more a comin'.

Anyways, some pics Holly took...

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SB said...

beautiful photos, beautiful food