Wednesday, September 05, 2007

But I(Tunes) Tell You

Okay, that was a lousy title, but the point is this: But I Tell You has been re-released and is now available on iTunes. Yes, yes, you can buy it, review it, gift it, etc. it. Whatever you want. Just do it.

Oh, the link is here.


aaron ivey said...

i'm a new fan! i hung out with Daley Hake this week and he turned me on to you guys... great stuff... hope to have you in Murfreesboro, TN one day!

Shannon said...

hello, i am shannon...a friend of adam k's...we've met perhaps once before but a long time ago. anyway, today i watched the cobalt season on you tube and it soothed my soul. just thought i'd like to tell u that. peace.