Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wisdom from Heroes

One thing that stuck with me from an episode last night.

"You must either choose the path of happiness or the path of meaning. You cannot choose both."

Who knew pop television could be so insightful?


jeramy sossaman said...

still haven't checked out heroes...i guess i need to now....

hope you guys are doing well...

The Shib said...

Who knew indeed...except thats BS.
You dont have to be a martyr to live a meaningful life.

funkyaxe said...

haha shib. that's awesome.

john piper would argue that not only is happiness an option; but is crucially essential to our meaning. that finding happiness in G-d is our ultimate form of worship.

i love christian hedonists.

Emma said...

i don't know... although your commenting crowd seems to not like this quote, i do like it... i don't think it is about being miserable to be meaningful... but it is just saying which one do you choose... you may wind up being happy being meaningful, but having happiness as an aftermath is not the same as willfully "choosing" happiness.

anyway, i like this quote.

funkyaxe said...

i don't think it's a bad quote. i just thought shib's response was amusing. that's all.

emma - i see you're point. what i've been struck with recently is that, perhaps happiness is the point. i mean, just as an exemplary piece, look at the beatitudes. it's all about happiness. it almost seems that was the main theme of Christ and His Kingdom. granted, happiness does not point towards the things we often assume are what will bring us happiness. i guess the true source of our happiness is what's in question here.

i'm still wrestling with this one. i have a lot more questions about it than answers. i guess that just proves ryan's point - heroes is quite the spiritually conversational fire starter. who knew!

regardless, i enjoy the show. it indeed makes me happy. =)