Friday, March 20, 2009


Again in Granada.

If you know me, you know I love good coffee. And you might have heard
me tell the story of asking for a coffee shop and being advised to go
to Dunkin Donuts. Plain dumb. And now to have seen their coffee in
Target and now in Spain called COFFEE! It's all too much.


Mike said...

don't be a hater! just get you a cup with cream and sugar, and then *tell* me it doesn't taste like a cup of candy.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...


I am seeing the silly hypocrisy between my blog and Twitter (and hoping you didn't catch it). How can I say "Yes nEspresso" and "No Dunkin"?

But still I stand strongly opposed to this coffee crusade Dunkin Donuts (now calling itself Dunkin Coffee) is on. It's time to make a pre-emptive strike. Do or die. Freedom to all coffee drinkers! That is, freedom to enjoy the good coffee that I enjoy.