Monday, March 27, 2006

The War Project: 9 Acts of Determination

Went and saw this play last night. Wow. Unbelievable. If you are in the Portland area, please come down and see this play. It will rock your concrete thoughts on war and death.

From their website...

Sojourn Theatre's The War Project: 9 Acts of Determination is a partially interview-based, poetic investigation of democracy and the most significant choice we make as a citizenry.

Watch seven performers fight for the soul of democracy as debate collides with ethical hand-to-hand combat in a winner-take-all spectacle of truly intimate proportions. Join us as Sojourn Theatre concludes a year of research, road trips, and theatrical investigations with an exploration of the question: How, as a nation, do we decide what to kill and die for?

And a note from the director...

This is not a show with no point of view.

It has a point of view –

killing and dying are less desirable than desirable,


war is not simply a magic event conjured upon the masses by outside forces beyond our control.

It is a part of the world we inhabit...part of the world we make.

How do we engage our ethical muscle in moments of societal choice?

Precisely my question as well...


Zack T. King said...

I'm visiting Portland so I might check it out. I'm Zack, by the way, I saw Holly and yourself tonight at the Red and Black, and you were amazing! I had to leave in the middle of a song which, by the sound of it, would probably have been my favorite. I must say, what you had to say about speaking with your parents about your travelling... really hit home. I've been planning my own escape for a while now... It's become pretty clear that I can't just give up on the life I dream of without even giving it a shot... or two... or twelve. I've been talking to all the travellers who come through the Food Not Bombs in my hometown... and anyone I meet... you and Holly are inspiring. The American Dream is not all it's cracked up to be... wasting your life in wage slavery, travelling from box to box, with only a few days now and then to show for it (and even those are butchered by the need to overplan and schedule everything!). I support your wife and yourself 100% and I sincerely believe in you both. If you're like me, sometimes it feels like you're the only one left that has the courage and the heart to dream and live life... but that's not the case. There are more of us than we'd ever suspect...after all, there's a dreamer in everyone, somewhere... and when these empires crumble (with or without our help!) we'll be the ones who work together to build something beautiful out of it.

So, though I didn't actually get a chance to speak with you, know that you've got a friend, or at least someone with a similiar heart. If you're ever in the city of Santa Barbara, California and need a place to stay (granted I'm still there!) I'm sure I can work something out. If you need a contact, I'm at

I certainly hope we meet again, and if we don't, at least you can be sure that there's still somebody out there who thinks freedom is something that can't be bought...
Solidarity in friendship.

Jon said...
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Jon said...

I love that picture, Ryan. It's so profound, because it portrays the myth so clearly! Yet we act as if we are born with unnatural colors like Red, White and Blue, rather than the various earth tones God deemed to make our skinsuits in.

To be wrapped in a flag, colored as a country, to color areas on a paper and call them countries. How pervasive these hallucinations are.

When I see the wind blow in national colors, I'll believe in nations. When I see the earth parse and color itself as the maps do, I'll believe in countries.

BTW, I like the new header with you and Holly very much. How about you make it clickable? ;-)

celticfire said...

My wife and I plan on seeing it, living in Portland and all I suppose we should...