Friday, June 09, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

I'm glad we saw this film. It was very informative (not in a misinformation sort of way that some might suspect) and very compelling to make changes. While some parts of the film were a little too "Al Gore True Hollywood Story" for us, his personableness (is that a word?) kept this heated issue at a warm, personal level.

I recommend this film to anyone. It's a conversation we should have been having for some time, but perhaps this film will act in a fairly non-Michael Moore sort of way that perhaps will allow us to talk with one another about what kind of world we are creating/stewarding.

I do, however, wish that Mr. Gore had said more clearly that to make changes such as these in the world, that is, to help reverse the effects of global warming and the fallout from that, that it will cost us something. Yes, it will cost you and me something...some sacrifice...and it will cost you and me, not just some politician or somebody else.

We are the ones who make up the world we live in. I am constantly reminded of that.

It was kind of ironic that several scenes in the film are shots of him on an airplane, flying from place to place, burning tons of fossil fuel! Ha. Well, I guess I'm a culprit too...driving around the country...even in my green machine.


Lora said...

My espouso and i just saw it tonight. I thought it was very powerful, and hope everyone who isn't already hip to what's happening will see it and make changes. I know i need to, and think the changes may be the inconvenient part.......

Lora said...

Let's be part of the solution? and not just part of the problem? (eyes closed)

Neil said...

Yeah, it would be nice if Gore actually followed his own advice. It's the same "do as I say, not as I do" advice I hear too often from politicians (especially in Gore's party).