Saturday, June 17, 2006

An Open Letter to the Illinois State Toll Authority

My God. I mean seriously. If you're going to charge me $5 to cross a few miles on your highway, could you please help to ensure that it's not undergoing intense construction during peak hours, causing piles and piles of traffic. I thought that the point of a toll road was to help me get there faster. Am I wrong? What am I paying for, I wonder, if not to get there faster?

My wife and I sat for hours in your polluted state, waiting at toll booth after toll booth to drop our 80 cents at a time. Why do you feel that you need a toll booth every couple miles? Again, doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of a toll road?

Take Indiana's or Ohio's turnpike system, for example: I get a nice little toll card when I enter that allows me to know in advance what toll I'll pay if I exit the toll road. And guess what? If I don't exit the toll road, then I don't have to go through but one toll booth at the end! What a spectacular idea!

Good Lord, I would have done better to take farm roads around the Windy City. Perhaps I've only myself (and Google maps) to blame.

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shanna said...

Illinois is evil. They pin you in on their ridiculous toll roads, and compound the insult by giving you nothing to look at. Nothing.

That's evil.