Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Looking for Some Executive Producers

Well today is a brand new day, I'll start again...

So, as I said, I have begun writing for a new album. I have about 7 songs done thus far...and I hope to work with some other musicians to get this album created. It will be a largely piano-based record, still with the same folky feel of But I Tell You. I had thought about going in a different direction, but Holly says, Ryan, you're a really good folky singer-songwriter. Don't try to be something different. Damn, I think she might be right.

So, I have started down this path. Next week, I'll begin recording some scratch tracks of the first few songs. But I have already run into a dilemma. This album is going to cost me more than I have currently...and being that we didn't really profit off the last album (which was never the goal anyway...although it did help offset some of the cost of travel), we don't really have a pool to draw from. It's caused me to wonder if there might be some sort of community-supported artistry that we could conceive of.

I wonder if you would you be interested in partnering with me in this album as an executive producer? All it means is saying that you believe in what I'm doing and want to help get this album created without me going broke. You would be part of a community that would help get this album produced. I feel a bit lame posting this on my blog and not emailing friends that I think might be interested, but I also feel lame asking for financial support, so this seemed the best bet.

Would this be of interest to you?

Costs involved...

• Used MacBook - Purchased by selling iBook and some gear
• Used Studio Monitors - Purchased by selling some gear

• Mastering
• Duplication/Printing

Incentives would include...

• An executive producer credit
• Several copies of the album when it comes out
• And a rare :) copy of the scratch tracks in the weeks ahead
• Oh, and a house show (which are always free of charge, but I'd bring some of my homebrew perhaps)

And you'd get the gratification of supporting and partnering with an artist in a unique way. I am not looking for one single "sugar daddy (or momma)", but rather a few people who would partner in this together. And there would be no financial incentive for you in this (just to be clear!).

What do you think? Would you be interested? If you are, email me or call and we can chat about details. Or comment here telling me how much of a moocher I am for asking of this...and then I'll just delete this post and never recall it if you bring it up in future conversation.


derek bentley said...

i'd be glad to do it
i dont know how much.. but what i can when i can

Steve said...

Hey maybe you could join up with the whole microfinance revolution, eh?

emma said...

I wish I could Ryan... maybe I can just make a (very small?) donation, not 'executive produver' level, but something?

Mike said...

I hope you got a premium for that iBook. I trust you marketed it as "the Mac that mixed 'But I Tell You'." I've been pursuing that particular piece in my role as curator for the Ryan Sharp Museum in Washington, DC.