Saturday, July 30, 2005

Church at the 814

So, an interesting story of searching for calling and meaning in life.

Just a week or two before we headed to Thailand, one of my neighbors asked me if I'd be interested in leading a sort of church service for the apartment complex. You know, something simple on the beach. Just chill, but cool. I asked him if he thought people would be into that. He replied that he thought several people here were looking for some sort of spiritual connection and that he thought that it'd be a good thing. He said most of these people wouldn't check out a 'normal church,' but might get into something like this.

So, we got back from Thailand and he approached me again about doing it. Of course I said that I would. What a cool opportunity.

So, tomorrow morning, some of our friends from the 814 and from Oceanside are meeting at the beach in front of our place to do a simple little service. Wow. How cool.

And it wasn't even my idea.


ashdown said...

that so great. cant wait to hear about it...

Sivin Kit said...

mega cool !