Friday, July 22, 2005


Thanks Jason for this superb link.After my quote of Walsh and Keesmat's book on Colossians, this is a great response.

Support local coffee shops. Ask for fair-trade, shade-grown coffee while you're at it. Support not only (possibly) better economic practices, but reinvent the common spaces of conversation that typically don't exist at places like Starbucks any more.

I am just trying to admit that I am part of the problem and then try to be a part of the solution. To me, that is what living in the Kingdom of God looks like when it meets the ground.


Eric Wakeling said...

I'm totally part of the problem with this because I love the CONSISTENCY of flavor with Starbucks coffee. I actually like to hang out at the coffee cafe of my church. It''s a great place to interact and supports the ministry of my church as well.
OH CRAP - Now I'm going to feel guilty when I want Starbucks.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Oh, like how they consistently burn their coffee? :)

Eric Wakeling said...

touche. This delocator thing has been eating at me for the past few days. I was thinking that I should always try to not have Starbucks, but also try not to eat at Chili's or Red Robin. The local dive is way better and supports local culinary artists. And so on.