Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday at 9am

What a cool get-together. Several friends from Oceanside and a few from the 814 met this morning in a sort of informal church service.

We went through the first part of the Sermon on the Mount: the Beatitudes. Good stuff. Discussed which ones troubled us or brought us hope. Also considered the idea that this was Jesus' way of affirming the 'least of these' in a society that promoted power, prestige, and self-centeredness. Here was Jesus honoring those who were the lowest in society.

I mean really, did he believe the meek truly would inherit the earth or that the peacemakers (and not the warmongers) are those who are truly living 'in' the Kingdom of God. Wow. Tell that to our politicians who think they can bring peace by the sword.

And how about the statement that Jesus makes about those who hunger and thirst for right living will find themselves quenched. I mean, aren't we told to believe that only in thirsting for being on top or by being promoted or by acquiring more and more will we be truly fulfilled? Isn't that the American Dream: that you actually can be happy with all this stuff?

Good morning it was. Cool. Let's see where this thing goes. I think my neighbor James is even more excited about it then I am! Wow. Cool.

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