Monday, September 05, 2005

One Hike, One Blister

Just finished Labor Day weekend. Whew.

Holly and Lisa and I and Travers and Ryan Bryant and the Cotés drove about 2 hours northeast of here to hike/backpack/camp Mount San Jacinto.


About 9 miles or so of hiking to our dark, spooky campground near the seemingly abandoned ranger station. Slept (or tried to) with the wind blowing, making it sound like someone was outside our tent. Of course, that fictitous someone was trying to kill us. Holly and I both knew that.

Got up the next morning (after 1 lovely hour of sleep) and journeyed another 10 miles to summit and then head down the mountain.

Wow. That was a lot of work. Good stuff. Better in stories.

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Eric Wakeling said...

camping can be both amazing and a nightmare. sometimes at the same time. i have a couple stories of sleeping in snow and rain in a tent and without. not at all fun then - great to tell now.

ryan - i will see you up at Ashdown's wedding this weekend. it will be good to see you after much blogtalk. I am growing in many new understandings of faith, life, politics, and love so I have appreciated your blog as a checkpoint of sorts while in the journey. see you saturday.