Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Imagination Communities, Part 3

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

Why are we so bound?
We love our lives...we feed off sound
Of noise in the background
We pray, "Help me, help me drown."

But are we not like butterflies?
Or is this childish Kingdom all lies?
A naivete no one buys?
Everyone hopes, but no one tries?

Why is it we aren't free?
Why is it we can't see?
Why can't I become who I was meant to be?
To speak the truth and live and be
In harmony with the Kingdom come
A place where rich and poor can run
A world that is here and is yet to come
Where creation and Creator move as one?

Why are we so bound?
- Me

We must retell the story of a God who said, "It's not as you assumed it was; and you can live into the story I tell." We must.


Jon said...

This, and the second post in the series:

"Who made up all the rules,
We follow them like little fools"

reminded me that when I started studying with my teacher, the first effect I noticed was that my childhood mysticism came back.

What I mean is I remembered that I was a mystic as a child, I was fascinated by the world, but never satisfied by most of the answers for it, or how things were "supposed" to be. So many of society's givens seemed nonsensical to me.

I remember wondering how odd and improbable it was that I should be born "an American" whatever that was, or "white," and wondering who would I be, how would I feel if the circumstances had been different.

Soon, of course, the brainwashing took hold, and I accepted an "identity." Strange things, those. Now I see mine as just a convenience I use for some necessary trivial interactions.

"Everyone hopes, but no one tries." I think in Christianity especially, this is seen in Jesus alone being seen as the Christ, rather than as Paul said, "the firstborn of many brethren." If Jesus is the last word of the old Creation, I have nothing better than to hope the Rapture is right and I get airlifted out of here before all the crap hits the fan.

But if he's the first word of the new Creation, then my priority is to realize as he did that God is my true Self, and to let my body and mind become a vehicle for him to bless the world.

It's easier to hope than to try. And a huge number of Christians have been told that hoping is more important than trying.

I guess that means we must try even harder. And the most trying thing of all is to cease trying, and let the Spirit move within.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Brilliant words, Jon. Thanks for sharing.

Wai wu wai, yah? The uncontrived life. Life in the Spirit.