Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Last Few Weeks

We moved into our place in San Francisco about 6 weeks ago. It's been a busy few weeks.

In the last 6 weeks, we've...

Hosted half a dozen people in our home,
Watched the entire first season of Arrested Development on DVD,
Driven to Sonoma twice,
Finally eaten more meals at home than out,
Eaten at 4 of the local restaurants in our neighborhood,
Had coffee at 4 of the local coffee shops in our neighborhood,
Hosted a party,
Taken a sick day the next day,
Resuscitated my laptop,
Checked out the financial district,
Gone to MOMA twice,
Driven Twin Peaks,
Made several trips across to the Richmond, Parkside, and Sunset, up to the Mission, Haight, Noe Valley, Castro, Bayshore,
Gone to the POWER TO THE PEACEFUL festival in Golden Gate Park,
Checked out Coit Tower,
Found a pediatrician,
Shopped at half a dozen or so farmer's markets all across the Bay,
Made a batch of Late Summer Wheat Ale (it's still in the fridge for those interested),
Reworked my blogger template,
Written zero songs,
Planted 1 tree and a dozen or so herbs/plants,
Bought and moved a piano, some bookshelves, and 4 wine barrel planters half way across the City,
Set up a home projection system (sounds fancier than it is),
Met 11 of our neighbors,
Had any sort of real conversation with only 2 of our neighbors (and they just moved several blocks away),
Ridden the MUNI a dozen or so times,
Taken BART around the City and across to Berkeley,
Missed several bus connections,
Gotten on the wrong BART train,
Eaten at a lousy fish-n-chips near Fisherman's Wharf once (gag),
Had ice cream at Mitchell's Ice Cream (eh...not my favorite),
Read some birthing books,
Bought some homebirth and waterbirth supplies,
Run with the boys twice,
Met with our wonderful midwife at our place 3 times...

Holly, am I missing anything else worthy of reporting here?

Oh, and we've crossed the Bay Bridge enroute to Oakland more than a dozen times, had a yard sale of epic proportions, gave a bunch of stuff away, I've regrown my beard and Holly's shaved her head again, and we painted what Lora calls "a masterpiece"...


Josh said...

best show in tv history. and season 2 is the best season of tv in history. so it only gets better.

aurora said...

i'd love to come up for dinner and some of that late summer wheat beer.

Lora said...

Sonoma made the list, but not Oakland. Boo hoo.

Lora said...

and you forgot
-had a yard sale
-painted a masterpiece: "we are the ones......."

Tony Myles said...

"...and blogged about it all."