Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Peace in Utero...and in Retrospect

Hard to believe that we were in Europe 6 months ago. Seems surreal. But there it is. And to think that Holly was hiking the Swiss Alps with Pax in her belly. Wild.

Here's a snapshot of us in the Cinque Terre, Italy just before leaving. We happened to run into some friends from the States on a main thoroughfare of that village. Weird.


Lae said...

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Ryan Lee Sharp said...

And that is why I have had the anon comments turned off for so long. I'll leave them on a bit longer and see if these things stop.

Danae said...

i would love to hike europe. that seems like such a great thing.

kate said...

Ha! Meeting American friends in the Cinque Terra. Classic traveling through Europe story. (How I loved the Cinque Terra. Or is it Terre... Whatever.)
I'm so glad you got to do that pre-baby (birth). You are wise people, indeed.
(Kate -- a friend of the Stavs)

Anonymous said...

Brings back great memories of Italy! Oh I hear you as you think about days pre-kiddos! They were some good and care free times...you never realized it then. Kids are a blessing and I don't regret a minute of my cuties but man things surely change! Thanks for the trip down memory lane with your pic of Italy!