Wednesday, October 25, 2006


So, if you contacted me (or didn't), let's go on the whole Hegemony or Survival reading. For those interested, I'll just post comments here and there when I finish a chapter (sorry to make it so Ryan-centric), and then everyone can leave comments? Everyone in? I've read Chapter 1 and might blog some thoughts this weekend. Let's get going. I encourage cross-postings as well.

In the meantime, I have been reading Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers, which has been fascinating. I mean, sure I've been brewing for a couple years, but I had no idea the history of beer, how it's been used throughout the millenia, what yeast actually is. This account of the history of beer and mead has been wonderfully enlightening. I recommend it to all fellow brewers [read: Sean, Brett, Matt, Toby, anyone else?]. It gives me more respect for the process.

Now I'm thinking of making a mead next. The health benefits sounds unbelievable. "The Drink of the Gods" it's been called. Wow. Interesting stuff.


Mazz said...

Was it not the monks who perfected brewing beer? They knew what was going on!

brett said...

my neighbor is a beekeeper and he makes some great mead. i'll try to bring a bottle with me. ipa is in the secondary fermenter

Anonymous said...

Ryancentrism doesn't bother me, since the initial impetus to post the thoughts is on you. I'm locked and loaded.


derek said...

i checked out Noam Chomsky's Distorted Morality lecture dvd... it's definitely worth seeing.. but i could only watch it to a certain point... after a while he gets a bit redundant. i think his books are like his lectures except without the jokes.. so i'm still afraid to crack one open. let me know how this one turns out

Anonymous said...


we met at journey in dallas. just thought i'd drop a line.

i'm itching to pick up the brew book. saw it at the homebrew store and started salivating.

we just cracked open our first real ale. low carbonation, easy drinker, clean finish. going to brew our xmas gift on saturday, Honey Ginger IPA. not quite a mead, but tasty nonetheless.

interested in trading?

also, check out Randy Mosher's, "Radical Brewing". beauty of a book. great history as well as recipes.

justin said...

so i guess i have to go buy that bloody chomsky book now that i am not in asia where we believe in photocopying books and binding them for $3 :P hehe... okay... btw... i think i will come to SF on the 18th still... is that still okay?