Monday, February 12, 2007

The Cobalt Season West Coast Tour

Hey yo. So, we're planning on doing a 10-14-day tour/trip up to Seattle and back in late April / early May. We are hoping to play some house shows along the way there and back. We already have about a half-dozen lined up, but would love to set up some more. We'll be between northern CA, OR, and WA for 10-14 days somewhere between April 20th and May 7th.

Would you be interested in hosting a show? Or do you know someone who would? We have nearly zero contacts in Oregon and southern Washington. Do you have any connections? Not so much looking for coffee houses or clubs for this go around...just simple living rooms.

This will be our first tour of the new album (scheduled to release just before the trip). I'm hoping that these concerts will be even more interactive than the last tour. I am hoping that we can raise some questions, weap, mourn, celebrate, and imagine together.

If you are interested, please email me and we can chat.

PS - We're planning to do a more thorough CA trip later [read: southern and central CA] and then something of a national trip in fall. We'll keep you posted when we start thinking about that.


Mike DeVries said...

Where's the love for the west coast [other direction]? The Cobalt Season needs a return to the So Cal.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

All in due time, my friend. All in due time.

Dave said...

Happy Birthday Ryan. It will be wonderful having you in Seattle for a little while.

Dave Laird

James said...

what is the time span on when you all will be out'n'about?

James said...

clarification....what are the dates?