Sunday, February 11, 2007

Thanks Bruce

The psalm of my first full day as a 30-year-old...

I never live with balance
I always wake up nervous
Light comes at me sideways
I hold my breath forever

I never live with balance
Though I've always liked the notion
I feel that endless hunger
For energy and motion


I never live with balance
I wanna feel you near me
There’s an aching in my hipbone
Wanna let my heart drop open

It’s daylight in the city
There’s thumping in the stairwell
Kundalini sunrise
A clamoring of church bells


You like to let me worry
But I don’t take you for granted
Come over here and kiss me
I’m savoring your picture

The street is filled with noises
Life going up and down
Light comes at you sideways
Enfolds you like a gown



SB said...

"Everything is bullshit but the open hand"
Bruce Cockburn

emma said...

Loving this song right now, thanks for putting it on my radar! Feels kinda like where I'm at right now too, even though I'm 19 not 30.

carla said...

how did we spend a week together and never have a Cockburn conversation? He is our other god!!!! There could be no better way to start a new decade than with the Canadian prophet.

Happy birthday!