Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Theory of Everything

I have turned 30. Thanks to all of you for your kind and encouraging words. I draw strength and direction from them...seriously.

I am ready to start this book. I was holding off to finish a few other books so that I can really devote myself to this book. I tend to consume ideas in unhealthy ways sometimes, so I wanted to be a bit more single-minded in my intake. This book marks my "reading one book at a time" strategy. We'll see if it's helpful.

So, the book I am talking about is called A Theory of Everything by Ken Wilbur. I have read the first couple chapters earlier in 2006...and am now ready to really dive into the book.

He proposes that there is a great unifying theory beyond mere string theory. His search is for a unified theory that includes all things, not merely the physical. This has been a quest of mine for years and years...and he is not offering THE unifying theory, but rather A unifying theory. I can appreciate that.

I'll post some thoughts along the way for those interested. Cheers friends.

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Nathan said...

hey Ryan,

that book sounds sounds fascinating.

actually i'm in daegu, about 2 hours southeast of seoul. it's been challenging, fun, enlightening, easy, hard. Like life is.

I haven't read this book you speak of. I'll see if I can find it.

Do you know someone teaching in seoul? I'm always happy to meet people far from home.

taker easy,

ps happy birthday?