Monday, December 03, 2007

Quite a Review

In Search of a Unified Theory just got reviewed at It was a wonderful review...I'll just post it here.

By Derek Blackmon

The Cobalt Season’s In Search of a Unified Theory hits the indie-folk full on with soft delicate instrumentation that is as lush as a corn-fed farm girl.

Opener “Begin Again” is quite simply one of the tastiest tracks of the year. “Help Me Out of Here” and “Family Tree” prove that if this talent is short-lived it is certainly not limited to one moment of splendor. Comparisons to Iron & Wine are warranted, but lyrically fewer people are killed than on the average Sam Beam single.

The overall beauty of the album is how each song seemingly floats into one another, blending as though each couldn’t exist without the other. An ecstasy-laced compilation, In Search of ... is the Golden Child the industry needs to promote in a Goliath-dominated world. Whether The Cobalt Season are willing to carry the slingshot matters little to those who prefer exposing their friends to the latest find.

Politically and socially, the lyrics toe the line of being preachy, making the obvious statements about the world around us vis-à-vis Dave Matthews, Coldplay et al. Where The Cobalt Season ultimately flaws is in their selfish desire to limit the album to only 12 tracks. Of course I’m willing to accept that I might be a glutton for expecting this CD to continue forever, however this review isn’t about my faults. And if it were, I could make a strong argument supporting my inability to make mistakes.

Buy it. If you don’t like it, have your hearing checked.


Mike Stavlund said...

Well-deserved, my friend.

Anonymous said...

At least someone is able to get their review published.