Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Santa Barbara

Got a pretty good night's sleep last night. Holly and Pax and I did. I don't know if Jared has even woken up yet...and it's already 9am!!! Can you believe the nerve? Not being awake when I texted him this morning at like 7.15am?!? Geez Jared, wake up and grow up.

Holly and Pax both woke up still feeling pretty crummy. Pax is so hoarse. But he's been playing this morning. He and I walked down to the harbor and got us some breakfast burritos. Wa-Wa was everywhere.

He'll crash here (looks like he might be going down for a nap right now...Holly and Pax both) and then we'll head out to Riverside to see the O'Farrells. Yay!

Here's to hoping that this nap will help Holly and Pax both feel better.

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