Sunday, October 09, 2005

Day 4: Grand Canyon

Well, I'm back at Macy's Coffee Shop, where my gig was moved from last night to tonight. I go on in like 15 minutes.

Today we enjoyed the Grand Canyon with our new friends, Simon and Luciana. We met them last night at our hostel. We ended up spending the whole day together, and they are joining us here in just a few moments.

Isn't that just the way? Meeting people on the go. They're a cool couple who live in London who are on a 6-month extended holiday and are travelling the world...2 months in the US. Nice for us.

Anyway, cool to meet new people and share some stories and hear some new ones.

Tomorrow we're off to Santa Fe. Brilliant!

Oh, on the way to Flagstaff on Friday, I got pulled over by a Highway Patrolman in AZ who simply asked me, "Have you ever gotten a ticket in AZ before?" I told him that I had not and that I was very sorry for going 90 in a 75. He let me off.

I gotta thank that officer, really. I was taking my fast-paced life with me on the road... and I was getting bad gas mileage. Time to slow down and chill a bit. Breathe in the cool, fall, mountain air. Ah...

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