Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Our Red Maple

My mom and step-dad have a Red Maple in their front yard. For the last several years, when we have been able to catch this tree in it's fall transformation, it has been blazingly deep red. Beautiful.

But this year, it is still green.

When we were in Northern New Mexico last week, we were watching the leaves change... yellows, reds, oranges. But here in Texas: Nothing.

But it's fall, you know? I mean, I felt it just a week ago just several hundred miles from here. And the photos I see of the NE look fallish.

Well, it just helped me to see that even if nature is technically in the midst of fall, the circumstances in localized contexts can be very different, and that produces very different fall-looks, you know? New Mexico's temperature began to drop a while back, while summer is still working for Texas (in some ways and for some people).

It reminded me also of how seasons are seldom felt in comfy Southern California.

Oh the implications...

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