Thursday, October 06, 2005

On The Road Again

So, we've left.

Honestly, these last couple days have been a sort of hell that I haven't been through in well... in at least 2 years. I hate moving and packing and cleaning and all that shite. Ah!

But... we made it and we're on the road. First stop is Riverside (where we are).

An open mic tonight and hang time with Jen and Damien O'Farrell. Nice.

Not to toot my own horn, but been getting some feedback here and there on the new album. I posted some snippets below. Check out The Cobalt Season site for more info on ordering or dates or whatnot.

Doug from Minneapolis - "This is a gutsy album. It is simple in sound and intense in lyrics."

Cody from Portland - "His overall sound, i think, will be the future sound of music...joining the likes of ben gibbard, sam beam, jeff tweedy, ryan adams, and conor oberst."

Jasen from Houston - "I think probably the most heartfelt and real lyrics I have heard in a while."

Craig from Oakland - "It has all my favorite characteristics: transparency, honesty, risk, great songwriting, intimate performance."

Jason from San Diego - "Ryan's latest CD is poignant. You should get it."

1 comment:

chris kottre said...

I got my copy today... Ryan, seriously, very good....

its honest man. like reading a journal...

well done man... enjoy the adventure