Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Gospel and Apple

So, Holly's laptop is in the shop. They tell us it's the hard drive again. Turns out this is the third hard drive we've replaced on this laptop in 2 years. That means nothing to Apple. They think it's merely a hard drive issue and nothing more. They won't replace the computer or think of a larger problem to fix.

My hands are kind of tied and our AppleCare warranty will run out in August. I am thinking of writing a letter to the Better Business Bureau and Apple Corporate, but I am wondering if there is some better, more subversive, more generous way, to approach this? I have called Apple and followed up the chain from AppleCare to CustomerCare to Technical Support. All of their hands are tied apparently.



Simon said...

Ryan - I feel your pain. I had something similar with my Macbook Pro.
We have 3 apple shop in the vicinity here in Minneapolis. I found I got different responses from each, and then different responses depending on what manager was in that day.
I pushed hard, got angry and went hyper assertive until I think they gave in to get me out of their lives.
If you have multiple shops in your area you could try that. Someone on a forum also talked about request you can put in with your credit card company to get a refund. Apparently these get recorded as bad strikes against a corp. and Apple doesn't like it when its customers talk about proceeding in such a way. Maybe that is another option as well.

Jeffrey said...

Ryan, as a Dell employee, I'll tell you: Stay with Apple :)

What you need to know is that, yes, their hands are tied... sort of. The squeky wheel gets the grease right? So keep calling in, eventually someone will get tired of your persistance and actually help. They are a profit based company, obviously they don't want to replace the whole system, but that is what's needed and they know it. Keep pushing, someone will budge.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,
We met at CraigBob's house about a year ago. I might be able to help. Ask him for Mike T's phone number or e-mail. He's leaving town this week, right? so hurry! :-)