Thursday, March 01, 2007

Some Documentaries

In my "spare time" I have been able to re-engage the Netflix Queue and watch me some documentaries.

The first documentary is Who Killed the Electric Car?


Was this put out by the same folks as did The Corporation? It has that "professional documentary" feel. I really enjoyed this. It is an interesting thing that all the EVs disappeared suddenly. I am reminded of how GM bought out the SF Cable Car Company and junked the cable cars. Who's to blame for the death of the electric car? Who knows, but this film sure is intriguing.

The second documentary is called Friends of God. It's an HBO special.

Now this film I didn't get on Netflix; I got it from Craig and Lora. Nancy Pelosy's daughter traverses the US, seeking to understand who this group called "Evangelicals" is. Interesting findings...and a particular scene sticks out in my mind: Ted Haggard talking about how Evangelicals have the best sex life and having 2 of his buddies vouch for it.

Haggard: "How many times do you have sex?"
Married Friends: "At least once a day...sometimes twice."
Haggard: "How many times does your wife climax?"
Married Friends: "Everytime."

Ha. Check 'em out.


Cassie Haw said...

i find "everytime" hard to believe.

Dan said...

Hey, Ryan.

If you want something lighter but still very entertaining, watch:

Mad Hot Ballroom

-- Dan

joel said...

I was married once and an evangelical, everyday and climax were rarely synonymous with sex.

...picturing you cussing out paxton made me laugh...thank you. and it's wrong, there.

Rick said...

just watched Electric Car tonight.

great story

Sheen was not a good narrarator. He sounded like his heart was not in it.

I liked the extras