Friday, March 23, 2007


We have been spending several days at Sonic Zen Studios in Berkeley the last few days, mixing the new The Cobalt Season record. Wow. It's coming along so well. I will be so proud of this album when it's complete.

We go in Sunday for what will hopefully be the final mix day. Then we'll take a week and listen on different speakers/stereos around the house and in the car. We're hoping the album will be mixed, mastered, and sent off to replication by mid-April. That's what we're hoping for.

Then we'll attempt some album release parties in May around the Bay. Should be fun.


emma said...

Great news! I want a copy when it's ready :-)

Anonymous said...

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Betsy Lin said...

Hey! Yeah I found you by accident!kind of crazy!
I am currently living in Napa.
I like the sound of your new stuff...a lot different then what I remember, but very good! Your thoughts on life are facinating as well...not to mention the art that you and Holly are producing...pretty amazing!
Did you ever get back to Romania- ah...good times!