Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pics and Sabbath Reading

I just posted some new pics on Pax's blog. What a cute kiddo.

Yesterday, we took a proper sabbath. It was lovely. A day in Golden Gate Park. So wonderful. We all 3 got our first 2007 sunburns. I took sabbath from "A Theory of Everything" which is a book I have been thoroughly enjoying. We decided that Mark's new book ("Soul Graffiti" which you should pre-order here) would be a good sabbath book to read aloud to each other. There goes that one-book-at-a-time decision. We got several pages in and are just loving it. I want to get this book for so many people. We called Mark to tell him so, and he responded, saying, "Glad you like it. I wrote it for the two of you." He made the mark. Buy it.

3 comments: said...

definitely a cutie.

SB said...

Wonderful photo!

Thank you for the book recommendation too.

chris kottre said...

your kid is stinkin' cute. seriously.