Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Emergent Village Podcast

I don't listen to many podcasts (except of course Out of Fellowship), but I happened upon the latest Emergent Village one. It's really great. Scroll in about 1/3 of the way and start there, where Doug's talking about the kind of Christianity he inherited. It's good stuff from there on in.

(As Doug pointed out, there is good stuff from "word 1", but if you're limited on time, just follow my instructions and skip the banter about who coined "ReImagine" first and where everyone is from...after all, who needs context? It's a hermetically-sealed podcast.)

Great conversation about how, "It’s possible that our dilemma in Christianity is not a marketing problem. It could be a message problem."


Mike said...

when, I ask, will Cobalt Season be featured on this emergent podcast?

how long, oh Lord?

Doug Pagitt said...

Start 1/3 of the way in?
There is precious material from word 1.

brett said...

uh oh, Ryan, big brother is watching.