Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ole Scandrette

Mister Mark Scandrette is back blogging again. His latest poem struck a deep chord with me. You ought to find your way over there and read it slowly.

Mark is a dear friend...one of the key reasons we decided to move to San Francisco. He and his wife Lisa have been friends (and something of mentor figures) these last 4 years as we have deconstructed all that we held as fundamental and foundational. They are caring, pastoral souls with prophetic lives and powerful (and well-chosen) words.

When Mark said he was going to write a book, I think many of us wondered if he could bottle his charisma and dynamics into a written account. There is something to actually being in Mark's presence that made me wonder if that would translate. He just vibes off a crowd so well, interacting, shifting here and there to "keep it real"...as it were.

It worked. He bottled it well. Perhaps in a way equal to seeing him in person...yet uniquely different. Holly and I have enjoyed reading it aloud to each other. And now we are nearing the end of his book. And like Mike wrote, we had to slow ourselves down, lest we take the whole book in in one big gulp. The stories are moving, mobilizing and empowering.

I'd say the most core theme of this book is the same theme of our recent album...namely, that EVERYTHING MATTERS. Someone recently asked me what I meant by that and I replied that the personal, business, social, spiritual, economic, political choices we make all ought to help bring greater goodness into our world. We ought not act one way for our spirituality and another with our economics. They are all tied together and of equal value in the Kingdom of Love (or at least I think they are).

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy here at Amazon, at our SF album release party, or email him yourself. Help support the lives that are acting as guides into the theatrics of the Kingdom.

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Mazz said...

I am reading it right now. Such good stuff. I like his conversational style.