Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Sometimes I get in a funk. Actually, I get in a funk alot. I pacify myself by quoting obscure proverbs about those who know too much end up with a good deal of grief. Then I ponder why that is...probably because they know more than they ought.

In this age of information, anyone can feel substantially informed on all things global: poverty, economics, history, etc. But how often does it actually empower us to make any sort of difference?

I talk of changing the world
But I just keep changing the channel
Some distraction
God, give us this day our daily distraction
Forgive us our laziness
We wanted to live well
We wanted to change the word
We wanted to be one as you are one
But we cannot even change ourselves
And without change, there can be no unity
Untie these loose connections
Anchor us to real connections
Don't anticipate efficiency or speed
The spiritual path is a downward path
Enlightenment is at our feet
It is not in the air

Enlightenment is at our feet
It is not in the air

God, I can be so full of shit.

Listen: Don't listen to a word that I say or type. Ever. Except sometimes. Now, stop reading and live! (while I keep reading)


Daley said...

I don't know what to say...except this was really really good.
thanks for writing.

Israel said...

this is how I would write if I could be this articulate about what has been bothering me about thought and action (inaction) lately.

emma said...

I'm in agreement. I want to make a difference. I want to change the world. But I cant even change me. Any wonder we get so lost. Thanks for sharing.

Jon said...

yeah, i'll echo my agreement here. you have struck something here that too many of us feel trapped in. it's always good to be reminded that there is just one more. because maybe one more will cause the rest of us to rise up.

kathryn said...

i'm a friend of Emma's. . i agree with these comments here and with your post - sometimes feelings of being info overloaded, overwhelmed,small can really disconnect us.