Friday, May 04, 2007

Upcoming Shows

So, we've a few performance upcoming that I thought I'd let you in on...for more details, check out

May 12th - Mark Scandrette's book release party in San Francisco (we'll play a couple tunes)

May 25th - Album Release Party in Palo Alto
May 26th - Album Release Party in Oakland
May 27th - Album Release Party in San Francisco

June 1-15 - Planned tour through CA (Redding, Sacramento, Fresno, Riverside, Santa Ana, Mission Viejo, San Diego, etc.)

If you're intersted in having us into your home, church, venue, or whatnot during that June CA tour, please contact me and we can talk about details and itinerary. Cool? Thanks.

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not your mom said...

your welcome to stop in Fresno and do a show at our house...