Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'll Try To Be The First To Tell You When I'm Wrong

Yes, those are exactly what they look like...a Starbucks cup and a McDonald's cup. Backsliders that we are.

Our trip across CA was wonderful, but there is a wasteland of nothingness between LA and SF.

We arrived back home last night, picked up some friends at BART, did a podcast, ran them to the airport, and went to sleep. Today was catch-up...and then SEVEN...and a reconnecting with some friends from Texas.

Thinking of watching "The Science of Sleep" tonight. Mmm.


aurora borealis said...

i love love love science of sleep. i suppose i've seen it so many times now that i don't understand the, "it's a bit of a strange movie" comments.

and, starbucks and mcdonalds? there really must have been nothing for miles.

Kirsty said...

Glad you are back in the area:) Hope the tour went well.

This blog made me laugh out loud. I know it must have been painful to have to have those things in your car!

Emily said...


this is a great post because that's what really happens to the best of us. i was feeling this the other day when my best lunch option (i was in a hurry and at work) was a starbucks sandwich. i felt extremely guilty even though their pesto turkey baguette sandwiches are pretty good.

but beware...

the next thing you know pax will be asking for a happy meal.

take care.


Mike said...

After much consideration, I've decided that this post is a photoshop farce, intended to make us think that Ryan is less 'Messiah' and more 'Everyman'. But I'm not buying it, for the following reasons:

It's over-the-top: I'd believe either McD's or S'bucks, but not both.

Why would Ryan be wearing cords, and Holly be barefoot? It's a fashion faux pas that is quite unbelievable.

No one would really quote their own lyric on their own blog, would they? They'd be a megalomaniac on the scale of Bono!

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

You do see the U2 iPod there, don't you? Perhaps that is the missing piece.