Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some Days

Some days seem workable
Some days seem free
Some days remind me
Of who I ought to be

Arrogant bastard that I am
Fraught with complication
Laz-i-ness and stubborn-ness
Stewed in with my frustration

A longing to wake up
To help us find our way
Make sense of all this maddening mess!
Don't lose another day!

Love your enemies! I stand and shout
But love your family, too?
What is love? I ask and sink and shrink
And wonder what to do

Who have I become?
A monster in a button-up shirt?
Or perhaps a Type-A-hippie-consumer-waster
Just a Kingdom-flirt

Do I really want to change the world
By starting with here with me?
Can't I hide behind a microphone
And just tell others how to be?




emma said...

Kingdom-flirt... that hits home... I don't want to be just another Kingdom-flirt...

Ted Ancelet said...

thanks ryan, we are fragile, complicated beings...grace really is amazing