Thursday, June 28, 2007

Running with Kites

Just finished reading The Kite Runner. Wow. Thanks to Lora or of you gave me this specific copy of this book.

I don't do much fiction though I could tell you why I think reading fiction is way better for life-imagination than non-fiction, but I don't practice what I preach, so I'll not.

This was a great story of pain, choice, heartbreak, reconciliation...all nestled into the context of current Afghanistan. It was a personal way to learn a nation's history.

It also acted as an interesting documentary on the misuse of religion. "This is not Islam," cries Amir. The book could have been written in Christian Russia just a century prior...or perhaps Christian Europe 400 years prior. But it was written in Muslim Afghanistan...from about 1970-2005.

I am reminded that we share a common heritage...we as human beings that is...of violence. It is not unique to the Muslim the Christian world (in it's own somewhat subtler forms now)...or to the non-religious world.

Dan and I walked Haight Street last week, reflecting on a fight Holly and I had had earlier in the week. I told him how my primal self seemed to be the last part of me that would allow itself to be redeemed. Still we realized that our primal self is what might be most truly who we are. We can talk about non-violence and compassion...but if my inner primal self cannot be transformed, what good is it? Sure it works in "controlled" situations, but what about "real life" when you're in the margins? That's when you can no longer keep the primal self caged.


josh said...

sort of random . . . but do you listen to willy mason? i'm not sure if he's got a circle in the south or if he's made it to california.w

Ryan Walton said...

Samantha read this book and loved it. She's (at least trying) to start his latest book. I think you are on to something as well about fiction and imagination. I'm finding more creativity in stuff outside of the books I usually read about how jacked up the world is (ie poetry, fictional work). said...

well.. you may not read fiction very much but i do expect you to read my book... ;) oh wait sharp seven's going to be the dynamic duo design team!!

JennOFarrell said...

I dont think i had a dry eye after i was done. I am starting the author's new book: A Thousand Splendid Suns.

JennOFarrell said...

Thanks for the additional book this realm of reading or subject i wonder if i am over my head :)