Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Day 5: Glorieta, New Mexico

We slept like crap last night...Pax woke for 4 feedings...and we're all feeling a little under the weather. We're popping the cold pills and homeopathy and Emergen-c.

I woke early with Pax this morning...we walked outside and just looked at the aspens as they are transitioning into their fall colors...and the clouds were backlit by the sun that hadn't quite crested the summit of the Sangre de Cristos that were in front of us.

Truly this is a holy place. I am reminded of the serenity of nature, high altitudes, and clean air. We busy ourselves below, remembering moments like these.

Okay, being Head of Hospitality this week, I should probably get back to glad-handing. Ciao.

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