Saturday, October 06, 2007

Day 9: Ojo Caliente (and then we're off to Texas...)

Tonight we leave this high desert wonderland and drive the longest single stretch of this entire trip...from here to Dallas, Texas...about 666 miles total. Should I fear the number? Nah.

But seriously, tonight will be a challenge. Thoughts and prayers would be lovely, as we're hoping Paxton can sleep the whole 10-11 hours in the car...and then tomorrow we're hoping that Holly and I can catch up on some sleep before our show tomorrow night.

This last week has been (as expected) magical. Being at Ojo has certainly helped slow my pace, center my person, and heal my body (almost). This must be a residual memory in this place that is full of healing and goodness.

Time to pack the car and prep to leave. Love to you all.


Anonymous said...

safe travels man. i told my friends in dallas about your show. i hope they make it out. if you guys like mexican food. you need to go eat Pappasitos. you will not be let down.

Nate Millheim said...

I hope and pray for a sleeping little Paxton all the way...blessings on yourm journey