Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day 45: Florida to Alabama

What a night of sleep! I went to bed around 8pm, Pax around 7pm, and Holly around 10pm. So needed. We were all so tired. We woke this morning, got some breakfast, did some work, slept again during Pax's morning nap...and then left the hotel, heading westward.

We had a wonderful stopover at Pensacola Beach (a small island off of Pensacola). It was lovely to sit in the white sand and breath deep. The colors were unreal. We'll post pics soon...and don't forget that Holly is posting pics way better than I over at Pax's blog.

We grabbed a nice seafood dinner...Pax enjoyed it as much as we did...and then headed to Mobile around sunset. We gained an hour due to time zone change...we'll see how that goes with Pax tomorrow morning.

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josh said...

i wish i would have been following this everyday. my whole family lives in the city before you get to mobile. before you go across the long bridge. those are my stomping grounds and it's a beautiful life being sandwiched between a bay and the gulf. how long are you stopping over in the hell hole that is mobile. i could find you a place to crash. place to eat, etc.