Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sabbath from Imagination

Today as I was trying to rest at least for part of the day, I found myself reaching for a book and having to swat one hand with the other and then grab the remote.

You see, I need a sabbath from imagination from time to time. A sabbath from creating, interacting with, and consuming ideas. A day of leisure.

So many of us live in a world where we are constantly productive. And a day free of production (like me typing these words in order to communicate) seems a waste to a great many of us.

Yet I have a creeping suspicion that we're in need of just that kind of sabbath. Hmm.


Mike said...

you'd better not be reading this comment

admin said...

yeah, how did it happen that i've started to feel guilty for just watching a football game? (albeit every time it went to commercial my nose was back in a merton text)