Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My New Book

My latest read...

Bono: In Conversation with Michka Assayas

Wow. What a great book. I am constantly amazed at how honest and articulate Bono is in speaking of his faith. Perhaps it is so easy because it goes hand in hand with what he does. DATA, Drop the Debt, Jubilee 2000, The ONE Campaign... this is faith with works.

If you are a U2 fan (or even if you're not yet one!), go out and pick the book up. It might jar/trouble/inspire you, reading this refreshing take on life, faith, family, the world, and music.


Steve said...

Hey Ryan,

Here, here! This book is a must read. Without being too much of a Bono/U2 groupie, I'll just say that this guy may be one of the best examples of a high profile person of faith we have.

It was great to meet you and Holly last week at the Evans'.


Eric Wakeling said...

I have read it and I loved it. He had such an eloquent and raw way of expressing his faith in God. It was cool when I talked to one of the elders at my "established" church about him. He asked if Bono was a Christian. And I said that I definitely think so even though he might say the "f" word and drink a lot of Bushmills. The elder said, "That stuff doesn't matter. It's his heart that counts." That was cool to hear from an old church elder. By the way, I agree.

Mike said...

I read some of that when I happened upon it at the local Barnes. Thanks for the recommendation; I'll read the rest of it.