Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Some good words from Jim Wallis for the hurricane victims and how you can help...

During hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters, those who have the least to lose are often those who lose the most. Why?

New Orleans has a poverty rate of 28% - more than twice the national rate. Life is always hard for poor people - living on the edge is insecure and full of risk. Natural disasters make it worse. Yet even in normal times, poverty is hidden and not reported by the media. In times of disaster, there continues to be little coverage of the excessive impact on the poor. Devastated luxury homes and hotels, drifting yachts and battered casinos make far more compelling photographs.

As the Gulf Coast now faces the long and difficult task of recovery, what can we do?

Here are several ways to make a difference.

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Courtney said...

Thanks for your thoughts on that. We've been dealing with lots of the victims at work, and believe me, they're in dire need of help. They ask for nothing and appreciate any little bit that's given to them...