Monday, August 21, 2006

A Bit of a Blog Hiatus

So, between moving, prepping for and hosting a garage sale, having several friends and family come out to stay with us, putting art on our walls, and finishing several S7 projects, I have barely been able to think, let alone blog. I do hope this short season is coming to an end...and it feels like it is. The house is feeling much more put together...and I promise photos this week.

An old friend from Texas came out to visit for a couple nights. Jon Taylor, Holly, and I went up to Russian River Valey for a beautiful day of driving the coast, eating fish n chips, and wine tasting...mmm. Some photos...

As I posted previously, my MAC got sent to it's maker and returned a much more functional piece of machinery. Praise the Lawd! The RAM was bad and is still in transit to me, so I am operating off slow. Still installing software, restoring music and photos.

This past Saturday, I took BART beneath the Bay and on to Berkeley to the Craigslist Foundation Non-profit Boot Camp. C'mon people...loose the military metaphors! Freaking evolve already! Anyway, it was a good day with Darin and Craig. Craig covers it pretty well in his podcast. And then Sunday, the Korch and Hoff clans came up our way for some family reunion time.

This morning I am working, but also still getting my iBook back up to snuff. I just finished importing all my photos from this last year. And looking back over all our photos of the Pilgrimage makes me feel heavy...almost brings me to tears. I get short of breath seeing photos of Glorietta last fall, Mike and Stacey with 2 beautiful children, Rick and Kristi in Tampa, a cold day in Atlanta, friends throughout Texas (new and old), Michigan, Ohio, Philly and Camden, the Northern California coast, Portland and the Great Northwest, Matt Casper and our dear friends in San Diego. Europe, the US, relationships, wine and conversation with so many people who have become such dear friends. Thank you all for these memories.


Jeff Kursonis said...


This is Jeff from the meeting in Minneapolis. I came to your blog to link you to this article that I liked, that mentions some people that I think are you. It got me thinking about seeing you at the New Mexico thing, but then I saw your post that you won't be going because of the timing with your baby. Bummer and awesome all at once!

Well you probably already saw this article, and I really enjoyed this site which is more like a magazine with articles, but not a blog because you can't commment.

I hope you are doing well in San Francisco with one of my favorite people, Mark Scandrette. Much blessings, Jeff

s.o said...

Oh - Jon made it out there, eh?!
Well, that's great. he's the right man to encourage you in the mac-reup you're going through right now.