Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"the nose-ringed, closely-shorn artist" = My Wife

Always interesting to find someone writing about you. Thanks for the link Jeff. It's an article written by someone who attended last year's Emergent Gathering.

One of the nose-ringed, closely-shorn artists tells me she and her husband wept when they read McLaren's A New Kind of Christian. They never thought followers of Jesus could be kind, tolerant, open to the world. Now, she says, the couple is between homes. Her husband's band has a new CD out, they're touring the country with it, and figure they'll land somewhere with one of Emergent's startup churches. Edgy, nomadic, artistic, kind, on the hunt for a new kind of evangelicalism...any church would be blest by such mobile members.

Thank you for the kind words. But no, we probably won't end up at a new Emergent-brand startup church, nor are we on the hunt for a new kind of evangelicalism. What we are looking for is a more authentic and true way of living life in the Way of Jesus, free from the trappings of the American Dream or the American Church...two things that I wish not to participate in...or at least participate in as little as possible.

So why exactly did we choose San Francisco? The short answer might be friends...but we've friends all over the States that we'd love to be closer to and live life with. Which might lead to a longer answer that perhaps I'll work on later. In the end, I think a huge part of moving here had to do with being a part of one or multiple imagination communities...clusters of people who are really rethinking things, attempting new ways of living, creating new art, embracing new ways of being human.

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Jeff Kursonis said...

Glad to connect you to it. And to see you blogged about it, because it is actually a very interesting article in terms of the view from a mainliner, and helpful as so many more mainliners and post-evangelicals start emerging together.

I have been really excited about that prospect for some time, and am over the top thrilled at a recent happening here. A NYC mainline congregation is starting a new bi-weekly "emerging" gathering, and they have asked me a post-evangelical to help them with it. Wow! We are actually emerging together.

The cohorts help that to happen.