Friday, August 11, 2006

Live: Deconstructing the American Dream reviewed

My buddy Andrew in Florida reviewed the latest The Cobalt Season album for Infuze magazine. You'll probably need to register to read it in full.

A snippet...

We all have to, at some point, stop and acknowledge the questions that start to nag at our hearts and minds regarding our world and our faith. For Ryan and Holly Sharp, the husband and wife team who comprise The Cobalt Season, this time came leading into the fall of 2005. Having endured hardship within some musical endeavors, serving selflessly as impromptu pastors, and contributing to the grassroots movement of Emergent, the Sharp's found themselves at a crossroad of questions and decisions. Disgruntled with the American notions of materialism and Christianity, the two set forth on a pilgrimage, traveling from town to town relying upon the hospitality of old and new friends as well as the grace of God to see them through, searching for answers and insight into the questions they found themselves asking.

Live: Deconstructing the American Dream is a snapshot into that journey.

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