Monday, August 07, 2006

A Weekend In The City

This weekend was a, not really, more of a high or something like it. It was our first real weekend in San Francisco.

It was in the 70s all weekend...except at night, when it'd drop down into the 60s and we could all wear sweaters and/or scarves. Is it really July?

Friday afternoon, Holly and I drove down to see Hailey Scandrette's performance of The Tempest. She was a wonderful jester. Then we headed further south to the Mountain Winery in the mountains. We went there because we had gotten free tickets to a Bruce Cockburn and Shawn Colvin show...well, free with a pledge to our locally supported radio.

It was a fun evening...Shawn was amazing...just her and her acoustic and some stories. The songs she played from her forthcoming album were our faves.

Then Bruce. Now understand that several friends along the way have told us that we'd really be into Bruce Cockburn because he's a singer-songwriter with similar sensibilities. Some friends (thanks Carla and Jimmy) even gave us some of his music...and I've been getting into it. But live? Well, it was only okay. But I'm still glad we got out of the house and went to do something fun.

Saturday we took the MUNI to Mission Dolores Park for a picnic with some friends...then helped another friend move into the neighborhood...and then Craig and Lora dropped by. It was good to see them since they've been in ASIA for 3 weeks now, eating pig stomachs and fish eyeballs.

Saturday night, we took BART to see Deccatree play at BOCA in downtown. Adam, Amy, and Aurora accompanied us. Fun. Public transportation is such a novelty for us because we both grew up in fairly suburban cities where almost no one took public transport.

Sunday was chill...trying to get everything wrapped up in the house...and we're getting close. Pictures later this week.


Craig Bob said...

The immortal words of John Sebastian: "Hot town, Summer in the City."

growing up in neverland said...

did you solve the html code issue? -curtisverncarson

growing up in neverland said...

oh wait... nevermind. haha... i didn't realize until after i posted. i'm such a tard...

Danae said...

mmm... i love shawn colvin... her music brings back lots of memories for me...

i miss you guys! lookin' forward to seeing pictures of the house! ;)