Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm not into the journey

So there. I said it. I am not always such a fan of "the journey", a phrase of many who enjoy the hike for the hike's sake or songwriting just as an act of creation. I wish I could say that I love the journey, but man, I just like arriving at spots really. Like San Francisco...I'd rather just know the City, my neighbors, the hot spots culturally, etc...not learn them.

What the hell's wrong with me?

Take, for instance, dinner this evening. Holly and I decided to make Eggs Florentine. Sounds yummy, right? And honestly, how hard could it be? Well, almost nobody sells Hollandaise Sauce...a crucial ingredient. So, I figure, why not just make it?

Turns out things get smokey...really smokey. It was freaking chaos. I had to start over with the Hollandaise Sauce after having made it once and ruining it.

Holly tried poaching eggs...anyone know how to do this? We tried 3 different methods and none worked...so we ended up just frying them instead. Not bad. But still, I would have rather just known from the get-go that we'd end up frying them...the journey to find that was lost on the likes of me.

At least we had some yummy wine. Turns out Idaho makes a fine merlot.

I am no California wine snob...I like wine from all sorts of places. In fact, one of my recent faves was one I had in Kansas...who knew? Yummy.

Anyway, the wine helped...but it simply helped to get me through the journey.

Finally, and in the end, it was a tasty meal...but who cares about the cooking process?!? I mean, I just wanted to get through it.

So, if I am to read this right...I hate the journey. I just want to arrive and know everything. Until then I'll be pissed that I don't.

Any questions?


lisa said...

You're a genius to come out and say it! I've gotta be honest, I'm right there with you, brother! Wish I was a sagey kinda gal and could appreciate the now. But I find that almost impossible.

aurora said...

so very funny. well. if you need help on navigating the city so as to find your way much faster and avoid "the journey" let me know. i will admit, i love taking the long way of getting places. but, be assured, i will not bring you along, i will tell you and holly how to get there and we can meet up.

growing up in neverland said...

that food looks good.

i've found that my role is really not the best fit to be in the kitchen. finding the right role is key for my ability to endure (and even enjoy) the journey...

if all else fails, i have to eat while i go, otherwise all the craziness makes me cranky when i'm hungry.

that's just me...

Jeff Kursonis said...

I dig your overall meaning, and I'm with you on many of those annoying journey's...but I gotta part company on the cookin' thing....

I love the journey of cooking, and the destination. There's something relaxing and interesting to me as I discover the inner workings of a new dish. It's like arts and crafts and chemistry all combined. I try to make a new dish, or "style of cooking" (like braising) a number of times in a short period and try to really understand what's happening, and be able to do it without any instructions, so I have it in my ouevre, and can pull it out when I need it. If I screw it up, it just becomes more of a challenge to discover and conquer it. And of course it's better than other arts and crafts because at the end, you get a good meal. And you have the ability to really bless people with something more tasty than normal (along with the temptation to show off and garner praise).

Even things like coffee - discovering different ways to make it, and blending different types, trying different sugars.

My vineyard in the back yard will still need a few more years to mature....just kidding, I live in NYC.

Kirsty said...

Ahhh journeys are sucky sometimes, I especially hate the ones where you are constantly worried and fearful about what you're doing then it comes and you think why the heck did I worry at all?

Food journeys can be fun, the worst is when you start the process then you realize you don't have all the ingredients, hate that.

The whole concept of being on a journey blows my mind, and how one stage you can be so into something, then later you are into something totally different. It's even weirder how you can be journeying SO cloesly to certain people, sharing so much and then you move on and you lose touch, ahhh its tough.