Tuesday, October 05, 2004

part 3 - a civil conversation between brothers about politics...

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wes (my sister's boyfriend) responds:

Quote Neil:
"He claims to be behind our men and women in the military, yet he turned on his own "band of brothers" in Vietnam and called them rapists"

I have never heard him use the term rapist but Kerry did show true American heroism by going to war for his country. People slam him for coming home and protesting Vietnam, but how can you even slam him for protesting something he saw with his own eyes. He did not earn his medals for taking pictures or being a journalist (Gore) he sweated, bled, and witnessed useless death. Bush and the GOP love to call him on his Vietnam record, but at least he did not use his Daddy's influence to get out of going. At least he didn't go AWOL when it was his turn to fight.

Quote Neil:
"Kerry's voting record in the Senate shows that he has missed over 70% of the votes on issues over his 20-year career. You can't be a leader and be absent at the same time, in the same way that you cannot be a father and be absent at the same time."

Bush has spent more than 40% of his presidency on vacation @ one of his three retreats (Crawford, Kennebunkport, Camp David). link
The avg American worker spends 33% of their days away from work. A "War President" spending this much time away from the office is ridiculous. I am not trying to prop up Kerry on this because missing 70% of his votes is absolutely pathetic.

Quote Neil:
"The war with Iraq was not fought on the premise that "we're going to war because Saddam Hussein has WMD's""

The Bush White house was sure on TV a lot before we invaded Iraq talking about how threatening their WMDs are and how they are an IMMINENT threat to American Soil. The American media could have pulled off a massive Michael Moore driven conspiracy but I highly doubt it. If the President is so worried about how Al-Queda is a threat to the US (which he should be) then why didn't he invade Afghanistan with the manpower he did in Iraq to find and kill Osama??? Osama has been proven to be behind the deaths of 3k+ American lives and yet we let him sit in a cave plotting his next target??? To date 1066 Americans have died in the Iraq War. link
That is roughly 1/3 of the number of Americans who died on Sept 11……..

Quote Neil:
"This year, we will receive a tax cut on our federal income tax, which is also much needed. Without it, we will have a hard time building a house."

If you truly need this tax break to build a house maybe you should consider a cheaper dwelling. Please talk to a person truly in poverty and then start complaining about not having enough money. This tax break would not be such a problem if we would not be in the biggest budget deficit in the history of this country. link Not that this obscene amount of debt the country is bad enough, but Bush inherited a balanced budget when he entered office... And Democrats are known to spend us into oblivion. We are going to have to pay for this global war on terror some how and it makes bad business sense to give income back when you are already in the RED. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is going to have to end or you can kiss great programs such as Social Security and Medicare Goodbye. The great Iraq war has cost somewhere around $120-$200 million. link
This excess spending would cut the deficit in half.

Quote Neil:
"Doesn't seem like such a sour economy to me. Under President Bush, the economy has grown."

My company has had major layoffs (on level of 30%) and I believe Neil’s company has gone through similar times. Sure are a lot of layoffs going on during a Growing Economy?

Quote Neil:
"Drilling in Alaska would not harm the environment, with the current methods of drilling"

This is an absolutely false statement. I have seen these drilling processes in person offshore and what it does to the environment.

"Of the 33,000 miles of pipeline in the U.S. Gulf, MMS said 13 leaks had been reported, one of which resulted in a fire that eventually burned out." link

Things happen that cause even the best engineering to fail (see Exxon Valdez). Even if no disasters happen, the drilling process itself would destroy a significant portion of land just for the infrastructure that is needed (pipelines, eqpt roads, etc). There are too many other places that oil can be found such as the deep ocean. There is an entire industry of people willing and able to go for it, just waiting for the nod from oil companies. There is no need to touch places such as Alaska, California, and Florida until needed. The environment is something we cannot tarnish because we cannot get it back. The govt should use all available resources to facilitate the saving of the environment. A govt agency such as Nasa should be set up to set the pace for American industry.

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